Good News For Book Club Members

We’ve set ourselves free!  Instead of going to libraries or buying books we don’t want to read, we’re reading what holds our interest.  Then at our monthly book club meeting, we’re sharing what we’ve read and telling the group what we liked and did not like.  Many of us bring our favorites with us soContinue reading “Good News For Book Club Members”

 Raising Resilient Children In An Unsafe Country

On May 24, 2022, a gunman killed nineteen kids and two teachers and wounded seventeen others at Robb Elementary School in Uvalda, TX.  His violent act left parents and children across America feeling scared.  Fortunately, parents are still the greatest influence in their children’s lives.  Consequently, how we as parents handle this trajedy will impactContinue reading ” Raising Resilient Children In An Unsafe Country”